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Please Welcome Uma Khan, RDH!

We are so excited to welcome Uma Khan, RDH Dental Hygienist to our practice at Dentistry of Virginia Beach! We're so happy to have you here, Uma!  

Please Welcome Uma Khan, RDH! 2015-05-06T14:09:33+00:00

Before and After – Fillings

We all know and loathe cavities, but do you really know what happens when you hear the dreaded "C" word? Check out the procedure below to learn more about why you should limit acidic and sugary drinks and foods. Ideally [...]

Before and After – Fillings 2014-11-20T17:20:50+00:00

Sensitive Teeth

You know the feeling. You can only chew on one side of your mouth. You avoid hot and cold beverages. Sometimes even brushing can hurt. If you can identify with any of these statements, you may have sensitive teeth. Luckily, [...]

Sensitive Teeth 2014-09-05T20:34:04+00:00

There’s a First Time for Everyone

Your child's first dental visit is an opportunity to start good habits. He or she is ready to visit the dentist once all their baby teeth have come in--don't wait until there's a problem to schedule that first appointment. Children [...]

There’s a First Time for Everyone 2014-09-05T20:34:04+00:00

Brushing with Braces

Orthodontic devices are a mixed blessing; braces especially so. You know that when they're removed you'll have a gorgeous smile, but until then it seems like an endless battle of sore gums and trapped food. It's important to be vigilant [...]

Brushing with Braces 2014-09-05T20:34:04+00:00

We’ll protect that megawatt smile

When your mouth is healthy, you feel better and you smile bigger. Regular cleanings and exams can make sure that you always look and feel your best.  

We’ll protect that megawatt smile 2014-11-20T17:34:55+00:00

Come visit our new state-of-the-art office

Our brand new office has a wonderful history - it's on the same piece of land once occupied by Dr. Pelaez's father-in-law (a beloved community physician for 30 years). New patients are welcome to take a tour!

Come visit our new state-of-the-art office 2014-11-20T17:34:23+00:00

Good Health Starts Here

We help prevent disease through patient education and a comprehensive hygiene program. We offer a wide array of services including restorations, the treatment of dental infections and multiple options for the replacement of missing teeth and cosmetic smile enhancement.

Good Health Starts Here 2014-11-20T17:33:37+00:00