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Why dogs don’t get cavities

Have you ever wondered why, despite all the dental care you receive throughout life, it’s still possible for you to end up with cavities, while your pet (who has never been to a dentist), doesn’t seem to have a single tooth concern whatsoever? Well, the truth is, your pets can and do get cavities, but [...]

Brushing Without Toothpaste: Should You Even Bother?

It’s happened to all of us. You’re unpacking your travel bag after a long trip, and you’re dyin’ to get to bed. Eager to brush up and hit the rack, you grab your toothbrush, and aim for the toothpaste. Nothing. Groggy-eyed, you fumble around some more, searching. Still nothing. Looks like you forgot the toothpaste [...]

Why Your Snoring Isn’t As Innocent As You Believe

If the sonorous chorus of a loved one’s snoring has you at your wit’s end, rather than burying your face in your pillow and lambasting them in the morning for their motorcycle muffler cacophony, you may wish to suggest they see the doctor instead. Frequent snoring, particularly when punctuated by moments of “interrupted” snoring, can [...]

Good Foods That are Surprisingly Bad for Your Teeth

You’ve finally figured it out! You’ve got the pantry stocked with all sorts of nutritious food your whole family loves and you’re not turning back. But wait. There might be something those labels aren’t telling you … how good those “good” foods are for your teeth. (This is when we duck!) “Oh, come on, already!” [...]

7 New Tips to Prevent Gum Disease

We all know that if we want to avoid gum disease, we need a solid oral care regime - brush twice a day, floss at night and use mouthwash. Right? Of course … this is, after all, the familiar refrain. So let's step away from that simple 3-step plan for this month to share with [...]

Three Minerals that Really Matter in Your Toothpaste

Wouldn’t it be cool if there were such a thing as vitamin toothpaste? You could slather it on your teeth each night before bed, and know your teeth were getting all the nutritional goodness they needed to fight off cavities. You’d never have to eat vegetables again! That’s not gonna’ happen – you do need [...]