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Family Dentistry

Visiting the dentist regularly for routine check-ups and dental care is essential to your oral and overall health.

At Dentistry of Virginia Beach, we make educating patients on preventative dental care as the cornerstone of our practice.  For adults and children alike, our advanced formal training in all areas of general dentistry can help your entire family achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.  We work hard to master and offer the newest techniques and technologies general dentistry has to offer while seeking to maintain a close, trusting relationship with our patients.

Whether it’s getting a routine cleaning, replacing an old metal filling, getting wisdom teeth removed or restoring a cracked tooth with a crown, Dr. Pelaez and his talented staff will make sure your dentistry experience is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  We offer most all dental treatments in our office and are highly trained in each area. This way you can receive most of your dental care in one place.  And if a referral is warranted in a certain situation we guide our patients to seek the appropriate care with a local specialist.  This way you can be assured that you are always in great competent hands.

The focus of the practice will always be to prevent and when necessary treat disease.  Yes, cosmetic and aesthetic procedures are enjoyable and rewarding to provide however the fact is that periodontal(gum) disease and dental caries remain an epidemic in our country and throughout the world.  Periodontal disease in adults and dental caries in children are very common “diseases” affecting each population respectively.  One involves the bacterial destruction of the gums while the other allows acids and bacteria to decay away tooth structure.  Unfortunately, both diseases get minimized and are accepted as a form of “normal”.  The reality is that bleeding gums and dental decay are far from normal and in the vast majority of cases are easily preventable.  Dental health, however, does require having some common habits…brushing daily, flossing regularly, seeing a hygienist/dentist on a consistent basis and limiting acids and sugars in the daily diet to main meal times as much as possible.